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Benefits for Start-Ups

Start-Ups are different - and it's important to understand how when you're designing a benefits plan.

We work with all kinds of start-ups to help them establish benefits plans that rival any major company but are within budget and sustainable throughout their growth cycle.

Why are Sphyra's start-up plans different than other traditional products?

Flexible Benefits Plans

Stable, simple and fully flexible benefits plans for companies with as few as 3 employees.  Don't lose out on talent because of your benefits plan.

Fully Digital

Although the insurance industry was a bit slow, paperless is an option for benefits plans too.  We've evolved past the need for paper.

Designed and Built to Scale

Whether you start with 3 employees and end up at 30 or 300 - our plans grow and evolve with your business.

Pooled Benefits Plans

Pooled plans share claims experience with many other groups so you don't have to worry about your claims experience affecting your renewal.

2 Year Renewals

No one likes renewals - so why not do them half as much?  Renewals every 2 years instead of every 12 months.

Flexible Benefits Plans

Benefits plans have evolved and flex plans are leading the way.

Traditional Benefits Plans

The tried and true benefits plans you've always known - evolved.

Health Spending Accounts

Simple, flexible, pay as you go. 
A great add-on or starter option.


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