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Informative Interview

Individual Life Insurance

Many Canadians don't have enough, or any, life insurance.  


Simply, because no one asked them.

Well, this is us asking you...

Do you have enough life insurance?

What is your life insurance strategy?

Everyone's situation is unique and your life insurance strategy should be as well.


Check out the "Who Are You?" section and the "5 Life Insurance Questions" below to get started.

Then, book a consultation to build your own unique life insurance strategy.

Who Are You?

Knowing what kind and how much life insurance you need can be difficult.  

But, we can help!

Let us know "Who Are You"?

Book a consultation and we'll develop a unique life insurance strategy just for you.

Younger Families and Borrowers

Do you have mortgage or other creditor insurance?

What happens to your family if your income disappears?

Younger families and borrowers commonly have one or two, maybe more, large liabilities that would be difficult to finance without the main household income.

Estate Planning and Wealth Generation

Do you want to transfer your wealth to those you care about most, tax-free?

Do you want to continue to grow your wealth safely until then?

Whether it's your main investment vehicle or just helps reduce overall taxes, there are many different unique strategies to maximize your wealth for your retirement and for generations to come - and we can help.

Business Owner or
Key Employees

Do you want to get as much money out of your company as possible without a huge tax bill?

Do you have key-employees that your business relies on?

What happens if you lose a key employee?
What happens if your company loses you?
Key-employee insurance can help protect you and your business.

5 Life Insurance Questions

Do you have enough life insurance?

1.  What would happen to your family and those that rely on you if you suddenly passed?

2. What would happen if you took a 6-month or 12-month vacation with no income?

3.  How would your company perform if your key person died?

4.  If your wife/husband/partner/child became seriously ill, would you be able to take time away from your job/company to be with them?

5.  How will your tax obligations be dealt with upon your death?

Life insurance might not be nice to think about,

but you'll have piece of mind knowing those you care about most are taken care of.

Book your free consultation and we'll work with you to develop a unique life insurance strategy just for you. 

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