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Flexible Benefits Plans

Fully Insured and Administrative Services Only (ASO) Plans for Companies With as Few as 5 Employees

Just about everything is about personalization and flexibility now, and Flexible Benefits are the future of benefits plans.


But, they're available now for companies with as few as 5 employees.

Book a consultation to find out if a Flexible Benefits plan is right for your company.


  • Renewals every two-years instead of every 12 months ensures you can look forward to stable pricing

  • Attract new talent and retain employees, growing your business

  • Available for companies with 5 to 75 employees as a pooled product so you don't have to worry about a high claim year sky-rocketing your rates.


  • Choose coverage levels based on your budget

  • Employees choose from various options to meet their own diverse needs

  • A built-in Health Care Spending Account allows employees to spend their health care dollars as they’d like

  • Employees can purchase additional benefits with payroll deductions


  • The online benefit selection tool makes it easy and convenient for employees to choose their benefit options

  • A secure web account and mobile-friendly tools provide access to fast claims submissions and valuable health and wellness resources

  • Easily share costs with your employees and have your contributions front and centre during the online selection process

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