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Enhancing Your Group Retirement Savings Plan

Regular CAP compliance reviews are an essential part of properly servicing your group retirement savings plan.

Ensuring compliance with industry guidelines is crucial for the long-term success of your plan and will help ensure that your service provider(s), investment options, and decision-making tools align with best practices.


Key Considerations for Your Review:

1. Fiduciary Responsibility:

   - Have you clearly identified your fiduciary responsibilities to plan members and beneficiaries?

   - Are there any responsibilities to other stakeholders?

   - Do any delegates have fiduciary duties, and has their role been communicated effectively?

2. Knowledge and Skills:

   - Establish an ongoing process to identify and address knowledge gaps related to plan governance and administration.

   - Ensure that you and your delegates have the necessary qualifications and resources.

3. Governance Information:

   - Document a process to provide appropriate information to governance participants.

   - Enable effective fiduciary decision-making.

4. Risk Management:

   - Identify, assess, and prioritize risks associated with your retirement savings plan.

   - Implement continuous monitoring and risk management processes.


If you haven't conducted a review recently, now might be an ideal time to assess your plan's effectiveness – and we’re here to help. 

Using our "I-SEE" program, we make sure everything is super clear and that you're getting the best plan possible for your situation and goals.

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