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  • Jeremy Stankov

As weird as it may sound at first...

Imagine giving the next generation, your kids and grandkids, a head start, a cash infusion, money to start a business, put a down payment on a house or simply the lifetime gift of insurance.

Imagine transferring that wealth from one generation to the next tax-efficiently.

This is the gift of permanent life insurance.

Now, this won’t apply to every single person, but I think it should apply to a large chunk of people.

Let’s say we have a couple who are both 65 and are collecting CPP at 70%.

This gives them a monthly take of $1,829 as per my calculation.

Let’s also say they have 6 grandchildren from their extended family.

If they don’t need that $1,829 each and every single month to live, why don’t they split it into 6 children policies and pay it up over 10 years.

This works out to be about $300/month for each child for an insurance policy.

And, what does that do exactly for their grandkids.

I don’t want to complicate things here, but if they bought such a policy on their 5 year old grand daughter, they’d have:

$42,000 of cash value at age 25 growing to $900,000 by age 85.

And, if we multiply that by 6 grandkids, their $1,829 monthly deposit to insurance plans would yield, are you ready for it:

$6,665,280 tax-free benefits over the lives of their grandkids.

All from an $1,829 monthly payment that they didn’t even really need.

Talk about leaving a legacy.

If you're interested in learning more, book your free consultation below.

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