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Getting To Know Sphyra

At Sphyra, we offer sustainable, scalable, and valuable Benefits and Retirement programs. Combined with our cloud-based, all-in-one Sphyra Platform, we help companies of all sizes simplify and improve their HR world. With simple, clean and powerful HR solutions, Sphyra makes sure you have the most valuable and efficient benefits and retirement programs possible.

Dedicated to simplifying and improving HR administration processes for businesses and their employees, our highly intelligent platforms and services leverage cloud-based technologies that take HR capabilities to the next level.

In fact, we’d even say we offer the best:

  • Value for your dollar
  • Customized management solutions
  • Advice and service for your benefits and retirement programs
  • HR Technology

How We Work With You

At Sphyra, we always keep our clients ‘in the loop’ with what’s going on. When reviewing your business to provide a FREE assessment, we’ll be honest and transparent in which module features you may or may not benefit from and whether we can improve your current programs.

If you currently have a program that is working for you in some ways but still needs some help, we’ll take the time to understand and improve it. If your system isn’t working (or if it is non-existent), we’ll design your system from the ground up – meeting your specific, customized needs.

Once your chosen program and/or platform is up and running, we’ll provide continuous management, support and consultation. In other words, we’ve got your back.

Delivering simple, clean, and powerful Human Resource Solutions – Sphyra can take care of it all.

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Environmental Commitment

As part of our environmental commitment, our office exists solely online – so that we may reduce our carbon footprint and environmental impact. Our online business also allows us to stay mobile – to connect and meet with you almost wherever, and whenever, needed. Also, our services live in a cloud-based system that keeps us (and you) as paperless as possible. 

Getting Started with Sphyra

For more information on Employee Benefits, Group Retirement, and our Sphyra Platform, please ‘Get Started’ here or contact us today.

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