Sphyra Platform

Cloud Based All-in-One HR Platform

Making Life Easier For HR Managers

The Sphyra platform makes life easy for HR Managers and Administrators.

With Sphyra, you’ll save time and money while unlocking better, safer, and more secure, cloud-based benefits, retirement and HR management results.

Sphyra Platform Modules

Sphyra’s simple, clean, cloud-based HR Platform provides powerful technology to make your life as an HR Manager or Administrator as efficient and easy as possible – with the flexibility and convenience we expect from modern businesses and technology. The Sphyra Platform includes:

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The Sphyra Platform significantly reduces manual administration while providing better results, more effective communication, and increased efficiency through automation. Accessible anytime, anywhere, cloud-based solutions are the future of HR.

Selecting Your Modules

Every company deserves high-quality, affordable HR solutions. At Sphyra, our module options are flexible so that your company can select and provide whichever HR programs or services it needs to thrive – à la carte.

While some companies only use Sphyra Benefits or Retirement services, others choose to unlock even more features and value with the all-in-one Sphyra Platform. Simply select your modules and the Sphyra Platform will provide everything you need, all in one place.

Working With Sphyra

At Sphyra, we keep things easy and honest by reviewing your business and providing an accurate and FREE assessment on which services you may or may not need. In fact, if we think your current program is in great shape and you don’t need our help, we’ll tell you.

However, should we detect any gaps or vulnerabilities in your program, we’ll be sure to let you know and to provide solutions that will support and simplify your current HR administration systems and programs.

Getting Started

To learn more about the Sphyra Platform, please see ‘How It Works’ here. To begin your partnership with Sphyra, ‘Get Started’ here or Request a Demo.

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