What do you get as part of Sphyra’s I SEE™ Program?

- Unlimited one to one consultation with a dedicated senior consultant

- Clear and simple understanding of your plan, how it’s performing and how it compares to your competition
- The best advice and products to get the most out of your investment

What's the process?

I - Investigate

o   We will conduct and in-depth review of your current state to fully understand how your plan is performing and compares to your competition.

S - Strategize

o   This is where we make the decisions…

o   We take all the information from our investigation and determine goals for your plan and a strategy to achieve them.

E - Engage

o   We will develop a unique engagement strategy to engage with all stakeholders required to develop and implement your plan and changes.

E - Execute

o   Pull the trigger and get it all done with selected partners.

Most importantly, this isn’t a one-time deal either.

o   Our Annual Advisory Model keeps you up to date so there are no surprises and you can be 100% confident that you have the best plan for you and your company.


Alliston, ON

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