Governance Meeting

The Governance Meeting is our kick-off for the year.  This is a purely proactive assessment that uncovers risks and opportunities that may not have been understood or known before. 

It gives us an opportunity to reflect on the past year and proactively plan for the upcoming year by reviewing your services and your experience with Sphyra as well as completing our governance checklist(s).

Businesses and people change very quickly and we want to make sure all parties understand exactly what is going and where everything stands on so we can provide the best advice.

Plan Audit Meeting

The Plan Audit Meeting is our follow up to the Governance Meeting.  This is a proactive strategy session that is conducted far in advance of the urgency of an upcoming renewal. 

This provides a no stress opportunity to address any issues or changes uncovered in the Governance Meeting.  We will discuss Sphyra’s recommendations and prioritize their importance to develop the best strategy to move forward. 

Employee benefits products are constantly being updated and new offerings are always coming to market.  A Plan Audit Meeting will make sure you always have the best product possible for your company and your employees.

Claims Review Meeting

The Claims Review Meeting is exactly what it sounds like.  We will review the most current claims experience to uncover any developing trends as well as understand how your plan is performing and what might be expected at renewal. 

Claims experience is the detail that tells us exactly what is going on with your plan and the effect of previous decisions.  Without a deep dive into the detailed claims experience it is impossible to truly understand how your plan is performing.

Our Claims Review Meeting will make sure you are confident that you understand how your plan is performing and allow you to budget and plan for your upcoming renewal.

Renewal Meeting 

The Renewal Meeting is held to present the official renewal received from your provider and our recommendations. 

This is scheduled as far in advance of the renewal effective date as possible to allow for sufficient time to make decisions and communicate to employees. 

The Renewal Meeting is the is the final step of our Annual Advisory Model.  It confirms you have the best product and price for your employee benefits plan so you are confident in your plan and in a great position for the coming year.


Alliston, ON

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