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The process to get you started was made clean and easy, so that your business may access the many HR tools Sphyra offers – as quickly and as efficiently as possible.

Whether your needs are expansive or limited, learn how we work with each of our clients below:

Step 1. Receive Your FREE Demo or Quote

Are you ready to get started? To receive your ’FREE Sphyra Platform Demo’ or to receive a quote or review for your company’s benefits or retirement programs, we’ll need to collect a few details from you. Please visit our respective service pages to learn more:

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Download Employee Listing Form

If you do not currently have a benefits or retirement program, you will only need to download, fill out, and submit our ‘Employee Information Listing’ form to receive your FREE quote. Please submit the form to We will be sure to respond to you within 24 hours to confirm next steps.

If you currently have a program that is working for you in some ways but still needs some help, we’ll take the time to understand and improve it. If your system isn’t working (or if it is non-existent), we’ll design your system from the ground up – meeting your specific, customized needs.

Step 2. Planning & Implementation

Once you sign on for your Sphyra Platform, Benefits Program, and/or Retirement Program, we will collaborate with your team to implement the best program identified for your business. Once the requirements for your unique case are configured in full, we’ll get things going on your behalf.

Step 3. Administrative Training

We offer engaging workshops that will bring your HR team up to speed on all there is to know about the Sphyra platform. In fact, you’ll receive a FREE 8 HOURS of in-person training, with the option to purchase more (if needed).

Step 4. Continuous Support & Consultation

Our support doesn’t stop after training. Should you have any questions or concerns, our consultants are available to offer our support and to help champion any changes you may need to make within the system or with your programs. There is also a 24/7 help line and live chat to answer any technical questions or password resets for the platform.

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