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Sphyra’s expertise and technology ensure you’re getting the best value and advice possible for your benefits and retirement programs. With the all-in-one Sphyra Platform, you’ll save time and money while unlocking better, safer, and more secure, benefits, retirement, and HR management results.

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The simple, clean and powerful, cloud-based Sphyra Platform makes benefits, retirement, and employee management easy. If you need an all-in-one system to power and automate your HR functions or just an easier way to track and manage your benefits or retirement program simply select your modules and the Sphyra Platform will provide everything you need, all in one place.

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Sphyra’s Employee Benefits consultation and management services ensure you are getting the most benefits program possible for your dollar. With expert consultants from within the industry, our expertise, honesty and transparency provide the best benefits program management available.
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Sphyra’s Retirement consultation and management services work to develop, support or improve retirement programs. With expert consultants who know the industry inside and out, we have the experience and expertise required to provide the best value and results when it comes to your retirement program.
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